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Welcome to Michaelis

Michaelis – For a quarter of a century our name stands for fine tourmalines.
The variety and the unique spectrum
of this miracle among the coloured gemstones reflects our work.
Our base is Hamburg, our workplace is the world.
We collect these colored silicates from South America, Asia and Africa.
Our cutters in Brazil and Germany
transform the little wonders of nature with dedication into precious stones.
Currently our most beautiful tourmalines are found in Nigeria.
The deposits are small, so we travel to the mines in Abuja several times a year.
There, the raw crystals are extracted by laborious manual work in an environmentally friendly way.
Then back in Germany the raw material is sorted.
Sawing the rough stones requires sure instinct to develop the desired colour and luminosity.
Which color of the rainbow, which shape, glittering and sparkling or silky polished,
strands or melon slices?
Finally personal taste decides.