Type of Cut


Table of sizes and weights
3×6 mm
0,4 ct.
4×8 mm
0,7 ct.
5×10 mm
1,2 ct.
6×12 mm
2 ct.
7×14 mm
3 ct.
8×16 mm
4,5 ct.
9×18 mm
7 ct.
10×20 mm
8 ct.
color table

The colors of our tourmalines are natural and the special of this gemstone. They may differ from the table.


Cabochon Marquise Navette Tourmaline Gemstone.
The cabochon navette is an elegantly shaped elongated curve with tapered ends, reminiscent of a boat or an eye. This harmonious and appealing cut is perfect for a variety of jewelry designs and ideally accentuates the natural color distribution of tourmaline. This cut is often referred to as the marquise cut. We offer navettes with a smooth surface as well as those with a facet on top to give the cut a dynamic touch.
TurmalingruppeTurmalin Eigenschaften

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