Type of cut


Table of sizes and weights
2×4 mm
0,15 ct.
3×5 mm
0,25 ct.
4×6 mm
0,6 ct.
5×7 mm
0,8 ct.
6×8 mm
1,3 ct.
7×9 mm
2 ct.
8×10 mm
2,7 ct.
9×11 mm
3,5 ct.
10×12 mm
4,5 ct.
color table

The colors of our tourmalines are natural and the special of this gemstone. They may differ from the table.


Tourmaline Oval Faceted Gemstone.
The classic oval cut typically features small diamond-shaped facets on the crown – the top of the gemstone next to the table – as well as diamond-shaped facets on the pavilion, the body of the stone. There are several variations of faceting, each giving the oval tourmaline an individual character. The oval cut is one of the most popular cuts and is excellent for numerous jewelry designs due to its good wearing properties.
TourmalineTourmaline Properties

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