Type of cut


Table of sizes and weights
3 mm
0,15 ct.
4 mm
0,4 ct.
5 mm
0,8 ct.
6 mm
1 ct.
7 mm
2 ct.
8 mm
2,5 ct.
9 mm
3,5 ct.
10 mm
5 ct.
color table

The colors of our tourmalines are natural and the special of this gemstone. They may differ from the table.


Tourmaline Mirrorcut Kaleidoscut Baguette Gemstone.
Tourmaline Baguette in KaleidosCut is an exquisite choice for jewelry. The KaleidosCut is a type of MirrorCut that cuts the gemstone into a rectangular baguette shape, reflecting light in a fascinating way. This cut shape enhances the tourmaline’s natural coloring and gives it a timeless look. A piece of jewelry with a KaleidosCut cut tourmaline baguette is an investment in a beautiful, high-quality accessory that will stand out in any situation.
TourmalineTourmaline Properties

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