Type of cut


Table of sizes and weights
2×4 mm
0,15 ct.
3×5 mm
0,3 ct.
4×6 mm
0,8 ct.
5×7 mm
1 ct.
6×8 mm
2 ct.
7×9 mm
2,5 ct.
8×10 mm
3,5 ct.
9×11 mm
5 ct.
10×12 mm
6 ct.
color table

The colors of our tourmalines are natural and the special of this gemstone. They may differ from the table.


Tourmaline Baguette Faceted Rectangle. Our Classic Baguettes are characterized by their elongated rectangular shape with beveled ends.  Typically, they are faceted with a few straight facets on the top and bottom,  but faceted varieties are also available.  Due to the natural crystal structure of tourmalines, the classic rectangular baguette cut is the optimal choice.  This simple cut perfectly accentuates the two-tone color along the tourmaline’s axes.  The combination of precise shape and simple elegance make the baguette a coveted favorite of jewelry designers and gemstone enthusiasts worldwide.
TourmalineTourmaline Properties

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